Welcome to our remote learning for Year 3.

We will upload lesson slides and tasks here each day for you to work on.  This will allow you to keep up with what is being taught in the classroom.  Please share any work you complete on Class Dojo.

Don’t forget to go on Doodle Maths and Doodle English each day too!

Friday’s Home Learning
For maths today, we would like you to work your way through these slides about Roman Numerals. Then have a look at the chillies and choose the one that is right for you.
We won’t be introducing a new spelling rule for over the Easter holidays. Today you can test yourself on your current spellings and remind yourself of all of the ones you have learnt this term. How many sentences can you create using your spellings?
We will be doing ‘Music Appreciation’ to finish our day. Read through the information on the slide, listen to the music and then fill out the sheet to let us know what you think about the piece.