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Chellaston Infant and Junior Schools - Governing Body

Governance structure

Chellaston Infant and Junior Schools are two academies within East Midlands Education Trust.  We share a local governing body being accountable to the Trustees. Governors retain a considerable amount of delegated authority to make decisions affecting the day to day running of our schools.

The Local Governing Board (LGB)

The Local Governing Board support the vision of the Trust at a school-level and provide a monitoring role for standards specifically in relation to academic performance, quality of care and provision for the academies.  They play a support and challenge role, acting as a critical friend in ensuring the work of the academy to maintain and improve standards.  They make decisions in line with the Scheme of Delegation, delegated to it by the Trust Board.

Mrs Ann Witheford, Chair of the Governing Board can be contacted via the school office email with emails marked confidential and for the attention of Mrs A Witheford.

Business Interests Declarations for our Trustees and Local Governing Board can be viewed here: East Midlands Education Trust – Trust Information (

Follow the link to the Schools Financial Benchmarking website to review  our school finance information. Schools Financial Benchmarking



Chair of Governors: Ann Witheford

Appointed by Appointed by Trustees

From 1 September 2023

To 31 August 2024

Email address FAO Mrs A Witheford C/O

Telephone 01332701460


Local governors

Parent Governors

Grant Chaplin

Appointed by Elected by parents of the Junior School

From 24 May 2021

To 23 May 2025


Sarah Reader

Appointed by Elected by parents of the junior school

From 24 May 2021

To 23 May 2025


Denise Owusu

Appointed by Elected by parents of the infant school

From 31 March 2023

To 30 March 2027


Charlotte Whittingham

Appointed by:  Elected by parents of the infant school

From 9 October 2023

To 8 October 2027


Community Governors

Laura Busby

Appointed by GB/board

From 1 March 2023

To 28 February 2027


Nick Hollis

Appointed by  GB/board

From 28 September 2020

To 27 September 2024


Louise Costigan

Appointed by by GB/board

From 25 September 2023

To 24 September 2027


Ellie Cudworth

Appointed by GB/board

From 21 November 2022

To 20 November 2026


Staff Governors

Kathy Daintith

Appointed by Elected by school staff at the junior school

From 1 June 2023

To 31 May 2027


Gemma McKeown

Appointed by Elected by school staff at the infant school

From 31 March 2023

To 30 March 2027

Lisa Turner-Rowe

Appointed by Ex-officio by virtue of office as headteacher/principal

From 1 September 2022

Please see below the ‘Governor Information and Attendance at Meetings 2020-21’ for

  • Governor Details
  • Terms of office
  • Business Interests
  • Attendance at Meetings


Click here for EMET Declaration of Business Interests 2022-23

CJS Terms of Reference and Schemes of Delegation

The following information can be found on the EMET website here

  • Annual Report and Financial Statement 31st August (most recent year)
  • Annual Audited Accounts (most recent year)
  • Register of Interests for Accounting Officer
  • Number of employees whose gross annual salary and benefits exceed £100k
  • Time off taken by staff who are Union Officials
  • Gender Pay Gap Information

Governors who have left the governing body in the last 12 months.

Governors that have left in the last 12 months:

Chellaston Junior School

Keir Mather 09.01.2023


Chellaston Infant School

Governors who have left in the last 12 months.

Lindsay Galley 31.8.2023 (Head Teacher)

Brad Ames: 31.8.2023

Ellen Hancock: 31.8.2023

Jayne Walker 31.8.2023

Katy Adams 31.8.2023

Charlotte Convey 30.3.2023

Danielle Fox 31.8.2023

Jill Ahren 31.8.2023

Kelly Leader 31.8.2023

Danielle Fox 31.8.2023