Curriculum Intent for Maths

In mathematics, we aim to develop children’s fluency in fundamental concepts and calculations, allowing children to rapidly recall facts and apply this to increasingly complex problems. We strive to achieve a curiosity about maths where children foster an enquiring approach by considering and asking ‘why’ particular concepts are true or not. They learn to analytically question their own and others’ solutions, uncovering relationships, connections and generalisations. We teach children to use correct mathematical language and develop their ability to explain through justification and proof. Children are exposed to a variety of mathematical problems and this encourages our children to be resilient: breaking problems down, thinking creatively about possible methods, retrieving knowledge from across a range of mathematical domains and persevering to be successful and the confidence to ask for help if they need it. Wherever possible, mathematical learning is linked to real life contexts and children’s knowledge is applied to other subjects, particularly science, to demonstrate its application and value.

  • Our teachers use the National Curriculum and CJS on Track, to support their planning of Mathematics teaching.
  • Securing progression for all children and ensuring mastery of the curriculum is considered crucial. Teachers use the CJS On Track to follow a robust skills progression that outlines what skills children need to acquire and when, meaning all children are supported to access age related expectations. Prerequisites for learning are built into planning, mathematical building blocks which may be impeding understanding are identified and opportunities to ensure full mastery of concepts are provided before moving on to new concepts.
  • The short term planning is done weekly, listing the specific learning objectives that are to be covered in each year group class or set for each lesson that week.
  • Teaching and learning is differentiated to best match the needs of the class or set and the individuals within it.
  • If the needs of the children are best met following an alternative plan, which deviates from the National Curriculum, then the class teacher and the Subject Leader discuss this and decide on a way forward.

Please refer to the CJS Mathematics and Calculations Policy below

CJS Mathematics Calculations Policy 2020-23 V2